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ACC Launches Arizona-Goes-Solar Website
Commission Launches Arizona Goes Solar Website

PHOENIX—The Arizona Corporation Commission today launched Arizona Goes Solar, a website
created to be a one-stop shop for homeowners and business owners who wish to learn more about
opportunities to adopt solar technology and about solar projects already installed in the state.

The site will contain information on incentives that are available for customers, incentives that have already been
provided, information about Arizona’s Renewable Energy Standard, and other Commission efforts to
advance the use of renewable energy. The site—which went live this morning at a formal launch event—
can be found at

“The Commission is hoping that will be the meet-up place for every
Arizonan who is interested in solar energy in our state,” said Chairman Kris Mayes. “This website
will increase the transparency of solar rebates and incentives, and provide a real-time look at where
solar systems are being deployed and how much energy they can produce.”

Arizona Goes Solar provides information regarding residential and commercial solar installations
and reservations that is updated bi-weekly. This information will help to increase transparency of the
solar incentive reservation process and will provide customers and installers with greater information
regarding system reservations and installations. It also includes a listing of state and federal incentives, in
addition to the utility incentives for renewable energy technologies that are available to consumers.

The website includes a solar mapping function that displays solar installations within a
participating utilities’ zip code. This function allows customers to see how many solar installations are in
their zip code, as well as the total size and average annual savings so they can get a better sense of what
kind of system might be right for their circumstances and what kind of savings they might see.
“The Arizona Goes Solar website will go a long way toward increasing transparency for
solar installations,” said Commissioner Paul Newman. “We've heard a lot of complaints about the
lack of information on solar reservations. This website will be a useful tool for solar installers,
ratepayers, utilities and researchers.”

Arizona Goes Solar is a collaborative effort led by the Arizona Corporation Commission and
implemented by the electric utilities in Arizona. Participating utilities include Ajo Improvement
Company, Arizona Public Service Company, Duncan Valley Electric Cooperatives, Inc., Graham County
Electric Cooperative, Inc., Mohave Electric Cooperative, Inc., Morenci Water and Electric Company,
Navopache Electric Cooperative, Inc., Salt River Project, Sulphur Springs Valley Electric Cooperative,
Inc., Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc., Tucson Electric Power Company and UNS Electric, Inc. This
website is designed to provide residential and business customers with a single source of information
regarding solar energy options and incentives.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 1, 2010 CONTACT: Rebecca Wilder (602) 542-0844