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History and Mission

Originally formed in 1994 to maximize the influence of utility investors on public policies and governmental actions that may have an impact the well-being of investors and their utility investments, the Arizona Utility Investors Association (AUIA) was renamed the Arizona Investment Council (AIC) in April 2007 and given an expanded vision and mission. AIC’s new, expanded mission extends to the support of infrastructure development in the State of Arizona. It is our belief that the well-being of investors in Arizona’s utilities and businesses is closely linked with the capacity of Arizona’s business leaders and policymakers to plan for the future. As Arizona faces the challenge of being the nation’s fastest growing state, AIC is helping ensure we have a strong and sustainable infrastructure for this growth – today and tomorrow. We do this by working with Arizona’s policymakers, regulators and business community to resolve the critical infrastructure needs in the areas of energy, water, and communications.

Why is An Organization Like Arizona Investment Council Important?

Over the next 25 years, Arizona’s population is projected to double, reaching 13 million people by 2032. As a community, we need to ask questions today about what investments in backbone infrastructure, such as electricity generation and transmission, natural gas distribution and storage, water supply, and communications systems will be needed over the next 25 years to sustain our economy and lifestyle. We must also assess how we will pay for these investments and ensure that our utility companies have access to capital markets. Arizona’s investment strategies must be approached from a statewide perspective, with coordination among key leaders within the business, investment and government communities and with input from citizens. Most important, it is critical that Arizona establish a climate that will support and encourage investment.

Additionally, a new generation of issues is bringing tremendous change to the utility industry. Changing technologies are redefining utility markets and services. Government policies and economic conditions are thrusting traditional monopolies into competition. Environmental concerns over climate change could lead to new laws, regulations and additional costs on utility companies and other businesses, and result in price increases to consumers. Utility regulators and policymakers face conflicting pressures from consumer, environmental and industry advocates. And governments at all levels are seeking financial resources through taxation to fund projects and programs. These issues can have a major impact on utility company finances and the return on your investments.

It’s important that public officials and those who elect them understand the relationship between utility companies and the economic and environmental arenas in which they operate. This is particularly critical in our state, where rapid growth requires large investments in infrastructure. As an investor, it’s important to understand the issues that affect your investments.

Currently, there are 41 state-funded utility consumer agencies operating across the country. Our government hears regularly from these agencies. But our government works best in this country when policies are made with input from all concerned parties. Regulators, legislators and other policymakers should also hear from investors – those individuals whose investments make utility services possible. With AIC, Arizona is one of approximately 10 other states providing a voice for utility investors at legislatures and regulatory agencies.

Our Objectives

AIC’s activities are aimed at establishing a favorable investment climate in Arizona. We do so through active participation in public venues where investment in infrastructure and utilities is discussed and debated. AIC also gives high priority to public education in the areas of utility economics, service choices, new technologies, economic and environmental regulations and policies, infrastructure requirements and consumer and investor interests.

Arizona Investment Council focuses on these activities:

  • Intervention and participation in regulatory and administrative proceedings
  • Participating and speaking at community programs and public forums on issues of investment, infrastructure and the utility industry
  • Educating regulators, legislators and other policymakers on issues on investment and infrastructure
  • Organizing and sponsoring public forums and seminars on topics relating to investment, infrastructure and the utility industry
  • Providing news media with the investor’s point of view
  • Issuing newsletters, legislative alerts and bulletins
  • Coordinating grassroots activities for investors throughout Arizona
  • Conducting research and issuing position papers in the areas of investment, regulatory process and policies and infrastructure
  • Participating in shareholder meetings of investor companies