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As Temperatures Rise, Business Adapts

By Jim Efstathiou Jr. and Kim Chipman; Bloomberg Business Weekly

With no deal on carbon emissions expected from Cancun, companies are looking to profit from global warming.

Experts Detail How Tax Plan Would Help Arizona's Economy

by Betty Beard, Russ Wiles and Jahna Berry
The Arizona Republic

Surprising new tax breaks and the extension of current tax rates and jobless benefits could infuse needed dollars into the state and national economies and potentially create more jobs, some Arizona economists say.  Employed or not, many Arizonans would have more money to spend. Business-tax breaks could make companies more likely to hire. The resulting momentum could provide a much-needed boost for a fragile economy.

White House Open to Nuclear as "Clean Energy"

By PATRICK REIS | 12/7/10

The Obama administration may consider caving to GOP demands to include nuclear and some coal production in a “clean energy standard,” Energy Secretary Steven Chu said Tuesday.

Who would benefit most from solar energy? Study ranks states
by Matthew Croucher, ASU News

Americans have become more and more concerned with the idea of using cleaner energy sources and creating new jobs through the use of solar energy. A new study from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University takes a closer look at which states might benefit the most both from generating solar energy and from consuming that energy. These are believed to be the first state rankings of their kind.

ChicagoClimate Exchange To Shut Down Emissions Trading

by Aaron Smith, staff writer,

NEW YORK ( -- The Chicago Climate Exchange, a pilot program for the trading of greenhouse gases in the U.S., is shutting down for lack of legislative interest.

Next ACC Open Meeting: Nov. 22 & 23, 2010

The next Open Meeting at the Arizona Corporation Commission has been re-scheduled:

Monday, Nov. 22 and Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010. 

To view the schedule for additional meetings (both Open and Hearing), go to: and scroll down the lefthand side to "schedules."



Bush Tax Cuts: Cutting Through the Noise

 By Jeanne Sahadi, senior        

NEW YORK ( -- On Thursday, President Obama will meet with House and Senate leaders of both parties to begin negotiations over the terms of extending the Bush tax cuts.  At the very least, both parties want to ensure that the tax cuts are preserved for lower- and middle-income families. But that's about the only thing they agree on at the moment.

APS: New Rate Format is Essential for Success

By Ryan Randazzo, The Arizona Republic


Officials at Arizona Public Service Co.'s parent company said Thursday that their prosperity hinges on an improving economy and, eventually, regulatory approval to increase profits while decreasing total power sales.