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Roadmap for Arizona's Future
Roadmap for Arizona's Future

In business school you are taught that every organization, if it is to be successful, needs a vision and a mission to guide its activities.  These overarching principles, moreover, establish the foundation for achieving the benefits expected by the organization’s participants, be they customers, employees, investors, other organizations, or even citizens generally.  Would it surprise you, then, that Arizona as a collective organization of individuals and communities does not have an established, cohesive vision for what it wants to be? Our most recent experience with the state budgeting process and the disharmony among elected officials in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution, I believe, reflects the lack of a clear vision and mission statement for Arizona.

We need a vision for our state.  And, the Center for Arizona’s Future, together with the Gallup Poll, has provided a way to get one. 

On October 2, the Center for Arizona’s Future released the results of a poll of 3,600 Arizonans.  The poll was conducted by the Gallup Organization to assess the degree of attachment individuals have to their communities.  Arizonans were asked about their overall well being and what they hope to see for Arizona’s future on a variety of issues and topics. 

The good news is that Arizonans are generally more attached to their communities than are individuals in other states.  We also agree on more than we disagree, and see Arizona’s natural beauty and open spaces as our greatest asset.

But, the poll also found that our elected officials could do a better job in representing our views, and that we need to do more to attract and retain college graduates within the state.

The study provides us with a roadmap for developing policies, investment strategies and actions that will lead to “The Arizona We Want.” 

The Arizona Investment Council was honored to be a partnering sponsor of the study and I encourage you to take a look at the study by clicking here.  Also, by accessing the “The Arizona We Want” Web site, you can take (on-line) the same poll questionnaire administered to the study’s respondents.  The poll takes about 15 minutes.

Gary Yaquinto, AIC President