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Is the Era of Cheap Water in Arizona Over?
yaquinto.jpgIs the Era of Cheap Water in Arizona Over?

For Arizona and the desert Southwest, the most critical factor limiting growth and economic prosperity is access to sufficient  water supplies and the capacity to deliver adequate and safe water to businesses and households.   An important key is the nexus of water and energy, i.e. the generation and delivery of electricity requires water as a key component of production and the treatment and delivery of water requires power.  Another major key is the focus on sustainability as Airzona continues to grow.  The era of cheap water in Arizona is over, and we need to find new ways to fund sustainability and growth.

On August 28, 2009, AIC is hosting a conference on water issues facing Arizona.  The purpose of this one-day conference is to bring together Arizona's key policymakers, government officials, business leaders and practioners in the fields of water supply and infrastructure, water delivery, conservation and regulation to discuss the critical challenges facing Arizona's water future.  The conference will feature speakers from academia, state and local government, federal government, and municipal and private water providers who will present expert views on the issues and actions for directing future water investment in Arizona. 

Please consider joining us in Tucson on August 28th for this important event.  To learn more about this conference, or view the agenda-please click here, or go to "Save the Date" article in AIC News section.  Also consider subscribing to AIC (at not cost) to receive invitations and further related information by signing up in the AIC Web site "sign up" area. 

Gary Yaquinto, AIC President