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President Obama Argues for Climate Bill in Speech to Executives

EEI Daily Energy News

President Obama made the case for a climate change bill in his remarks to executive members of the Business Roundtable, E&E News PM reported.  Obama argued that measures to develop the U.S. clean energy industry were needed to make the country compete globally against other nations "making serious investments in clean energy because they want those jobs."

Obama was quoted as saying: "A competitive America is also an America that finally has a smart energy policy." He predicted that the U.S. will "have enough capacity to make up to 40 percent of" the world's hybrid vehicle batteries by 2015. "If we decide now that we're putting a price on this pollution in a few years, it will give businesses the certainty of knowing they have time to plan and transition. This country has to move towards a clean-energy economy. That's where the world is going."

E&E News PM, Feb. 24.