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Next Few Months Key to Passing Climate Change Legislation

EEI Daily Energy News

Events over the next few months could be critical in determining whether Congress would pass climate change legislation this year, Reuters reported. In March, EPA could issue regulations for CO2 emissions from vehicles, clearing the way for the agency to look at expanding its regulation of GHGs to stationary sources. In turn, this could spur Congress to pass climate legislation to avoid EPA regulation.

In March or April, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, could try to get her legislation to stop EPA from regulating carbon passed. Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., has said he wanted a climate bill passed by the full Senate by May or June. Should that effort fail, the legislation could be impossible to pass during the second half of an election year. The November elections could result in a very different balance of power in Congress. Even if Democrats retain their majority, said Reuters, it could be much smaller, making passage of a comprehensive climate-change bill more difficult than it already is.

Reuters, Feb. 21.