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The 2010 Candidate Debate for the office of Arizona Corporation Commissioner was held on Thursday, September 16th at the Black Canyon Conference Center in Phoenix.  Four candidates participated: Hon. David Bradley, Ms. Brenda Burns, Mr. Rick Fowlkes, and Commissioner Gary Pierce-who is running for re-election.  After a brief introduction from each candidate, the debate moderator, Michael Grant, orchestrated the debate with prepared questions along with those submitted from the 87 members of the audience and 160 webcast participants.  Each candidate was able to answer each question.  The questions represented a full range of topics of interest to business and professional entities as well as investors and ratepayers.

 The event was recorded by Cox Communications and will be broadcast over Cox’s public channels around the state over the next two months.  A schedule of these broadcasts will be provided by AIC as soon as it is developed by Cox Communications.  

The event was also recorded in webcast form and is now available for replay on the AIC Website by clicking on the “Debate Webcast” button on the AIC Website until November.  Although the debate is over and thus questions can no longer be submitted, we invite you to submit comments post-debate via the same method: by filling out the area to the right of the webcast.  We’d love to hear from you!

Additionally, we have semi-transcribed the event and it will become a two-part blog.  If you would prefer to read the transcriptions, click here for Part I  and click here for Part 2.

This event was sponsored by the Arizona Investment Council with four partners: Arizona Telecommunications & Information Council, Cox Communications, East Valley Partnership, and Valley Forward.

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