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... temperature will increase 4.5 degrees F.  The region will require 37 percent more water. .  but the supply of water from sources such as the Colorado River will be smaller by 20 percent or more.  Climate ...
... before the mid-century. And that's the best-case scenario: it doesn't assume any changes in the amount of water Arizona gets from the Colorado River (which accounts for well over 40 percent of the state's ...
... - that is, put into basins where the water percolates back into the aquifer. As Arizona's population continues to grow and water availability remains the same or decreases (Colorado River flows, for ...
... an IPO this year. Tendril Inc., a Colorado start-up that raised $30 million last year, is focused on energy-management equipment for home owners. "Most of the people we are working with are convinced that ...
5. Our Water Supply Is Drying Up
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... wells. But many rivers, including the Colorado and the Rio Grande, already dry up each year. The dam-building era from the 1930s to the 1960s tamed so many rivers that only 60 in the country remain free-flowing. ...

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