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"Gary, let's keep the water crisis from becoming a catastrophe!" I thought about that comment, dated August 20, 2009 and signed Robert Glennon (on the inside flap of my copy of his book, Unquenchable) ...
... state was paying annually at the time.  If the state will gut the critical ADWR to save $14 million (0.48% of the budget deficit), how on earth will we meet those $11 billion in annual infrastructure needs? ...
... Department of Water Resources (ADWR), that's who.  The ADWR was created by the 1980 Groundwater Management Code (hailed as one of the most admirable pieces of comprehensive water management legislation ...
... where it can be reused, and it's expensive to build pipelines to get reclaimed water to where it's needed.  According to ADWR, a new model that providers are using to work around the problem of older ...

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