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Wobbly Science

First, I’m not a climatologist, nor do I claim to be expert in the scientific method.  If I can replicate the strength and taste of our morning pot of coffee at home, I’m doing good.

  But it’s becoming increasingly obvious that in the rush to find evidence that our planet is trending toward the temperature of Venus, a good portion of the scientific community has cut some corners.  It’s looking more and more like An Inconvenient Truth may take its foundation more from Hollywood than Harvard.

First, we learned about “climate-gate” – where scientists conspired to prevent others from deploying the scientific method to verify data and methods used to declare that the earth suffers from warming of the man-made variety.  Now, we hear that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is reviewing a 2007 report stating that Himalayan glaciers were melting faster than glaciers elsewhere and could vanish altogether by the year 2035.  Apparently, the IPCC has questions about how the data for the 2007 report were collected and analyzed.

Until this recent backsliding, I had come to believe the issue had been settled – the global warming science train had left the station.  After all, thousands of reputable scientists from around the world (and Al Gore) told us that global warming was real.  We were preparing for a world fit more for dinosaurs than humans.  Now I don’t know what to believe.  I do, however, still think it’s a good idea to pollute less and conserve more, whether or not global warming is a proven fact.

I also have some advice for my friends in North Dakota -- Don’t trade-in your parkas for Speedos quite yet.

Written on Wednesday, 20 January 2010 10:42 by Administrator

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