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Gov Brewer Supports More Nuclear Power

Cheers to Governor Jan Brewer for standing up in favor of more nuclear power for Arizona.  In a keynote address delivered this week at the 2010 Business Summit of the West (co-sponsored in part by AIC), Governor Brewer emphatically declared that more nuclear power must be part of Arizona’s energy future.

Here’s a thought.   A bill under consideration in Congress (S. 2812) would require DOE to establish a public private partnership to develop a standard design for smaller nuclear reactors – less than 300 megawatts.  The idea is that rather than building large capacity reactors (very expensive), the smaller nuclear units (less expensive) could be added in modular fashion as the demand for electricity increases. 

Critics of the small plants complain about dangerous nuclear waste and proliferation of nuclear reactors.  Yet, in the U.S., nuclear power has proved a safe, continuous and reliable source of power. 

Let’s face it – regardless of how much we like renewable energy for its “greenness,” we can litter our landscape with miles and miles of giant wind turbines and solar concentrating plants and still not come close to meeting all our power needs into the future.

We will need more nuclear power.

 I believe Arizona must move forward with investments in renewables and energy efficiency AND nuclear power (large or modular).  And, we need to start that planning now. 

Written on Friday, 08 January 2010 12:01 by Administrator

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