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What Should They Do?

All indications point toward one or more special legislative sessions sometime before the end of the year. Governor Brewer and legislative leadership have apparently reached an agreement to trim a chunk of the estimated $2 billion FY 2010 general fund deficit and cauterize the collateral damage to agencies like the Corporation Commission resulting from the Governor’s prior vetoes on the budget. It remains whether rank and file members of the legislature have fallen into line and whether sufficient votes exist to pass the contemplated fiscal fixes.

Huge questions loom if the session(s) move forward. Are further spending cuts on the table, and which agencies/programs will bear the brunt? What about new revenues? Will taxes – either new taxes or tax reductions be considered? What about budget reform? Will they consider the long-term future of the State and the critical role infrastructure plays in our economy?

What do you think they should do?

Written on Monday, 09 November 2009 10:37 by Gary Yaquinto

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