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Is Retrofitting Arizona Roads the Result of Bad Planning or Inadequate Funding?

A few of my college classmates, who I greatly admire and respect, found careers in the transportation sector. While I’m a neophyte in many areas, including how our roads and highways are designed and built, I can’t help but believe the way we do it in Arizona is goofy and inefficient. Why do we build roads we know will have to be expanded in only a few years? And, with emphasis on reducing congestion through public transit and carpooling, why aren’t we adding car pool lanes to our highways on the front end rather than retrofitting them two, three or four years later. After all, we basically know the areas in which population (think traffic) is most likely to grow. Just look at the congestive traffic failure caused by construction reruns. Do we really have to go through all this pain? Maybe the answer is finding the collective courage to fund and finance transportation at the proper levels, even if it means paying a bit more.

Written on Monday, 02 November 2009 10:34 by Gary Yaquinto

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